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The humid, hot summers and windy, dry winters of Topeka, KS make it a challenge to keep your home clean. Keeping your carpet looking top-notch is much easier if you use a carpet shampooer. Carpet cleaning Topeka KS will keep your carpet looking brand new.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Superior To Renting or Buying a Shampooer ?

It may be tempting to clean your carpet yourself. It is possible to rent a carpet shampooer at the local grocery store, or you can purchase a carpet shampooer made for home use. While this is certainly possible, it will not give you the results you get from a professional carpet cleaning.

A carpet cleaner that you rent from the grocery store is bulky and hard to use. They are likely not serviced regularly, which affects power and suction. These carpet shampooers often leave the carpet very wet after cleaning. Also, it is nearly impossible to remove all of the soap when you are rinsing your carpet. Despite the impression that these machines are commercial quality, they are not.
If you are considering buying a carpet shampooer you should be aware that it will not clean and disinfect to the degree that professional cleaning will. While these shampooers may be a good idea if you are housebreaking a puppy or otherwise want to be able to clean an area frequently, they do not replace commercial cleaning. The suction and cleaning mechanism is not nearly as strong as what is available to professional cleaners. 

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A carpet cleaning , done by a professional, can change the look of the room. In addition to getting out the ground in dirt that inevitably gets tracked in when living in a dry, dusty environment, such as winters in Topeka, it also refreshes the room. You may not notice that the air in your home has taken on a stale odor until after you have your carpets shampooed. The humidity that is common in Topeka during the summer can cause moisture to build up, leaving your carpet smelling slightly musty. A thorough steam cleaning Topeka KS clears the air.

Rug Cleaning Topeka KS

Why Rug Cleaning is Important ?

Regular carpet cleaning is important for more than aesthetic reasons. If you allow your carpets to remain dirty, that dirt will build up over time, destroying the knap of the carpet. After you have your carpets professionally cleaned, you are sure to notice how vibrant and refreshed they feel underfoot. This is due to removing deeply ground-in dirt.

Keeping your carpets on a regular cleaning schedule will extend their lifespan. Some people worry that frequent cleaning may cause excessive wear on the carpet, but nothing could be further from the truth. Cleaning removes the dirt and oils that lead to premature wear of the carpet fibers.

Cleaning your carpets on your own with a rented or purchased home carpet shampooer does not provide these same benefits. Without the industrial-strength suction available from carpet steamers Topeka KS it is impossible to remove the ground in dirt that flattens and ages your carpets.

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Steam Cleaning Topeka KS

Why Steam Cleaning is Better ?
Shampooing on your own can create more problems than it solves. Because of the lack of strong suction from non-commercial machines you are at risk of leaving behind excessive moisture as well as soap residue. The excessive moisture creates problems because it can allow mildew to develop. Also, this dampness, particularly when combined with the humidity common in Topeka during the summer, can make the home smell musty and less than fresh. Rug cleaning Topeka KS that is performed by professionals removes this excess moisture.
Leaving soap residue behind creates its own set of problems. The residue soap leaves behind is sticky, which creates a magnet for future dirt and oil. This can leave your carpets looking worse than they did before you cleaned.

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Whether you regularly clean your carpets yourself, have never had them cleaned before, or used another company in the past, we invite you to give us a try. You won’t regret it. Whether you need a dry cleaner Topeka KS or someone to handle area rug cleaning Topeka KS, give us a call today. We would be proud to be your choice in rug cleaners Topeka KS.

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